Field Notes launches redesigned website

The new Field Notes website

The new Field Notes website

Goodbye kraft paper background (for the most part); hello parallax

Field Notes updated their website today with a new design that better highlights their current product line, while still integrating blog posts, classic Field Notes history, and more.

Previously, the Field Notes website used a brown kraft paper background, which was an ode to their primary product line. The old website focused on individual blog post entries that mixed product announcements, with sale notices, stories of Field Notes products in use, and other information and background.

Now, users are greeted with a bright white website filled with large pictures of Field Notes products contained within individual blocks. Above the series of product blocks, there is a four-item menu for products limited editions, dispatches (blog posts) , and more (including company information, videos, and other pages). Clicking on a link in the top left corner to sign up for their email newsletter reveals a dropdown section on the classic kraft paper background to input your email address. In the upper right corner, you can log in to your account or jump straight to your cart.

Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the home page, the white background gives way to the classic kraft brown paper background in the footer, which contains links, contact information, and a signup box for the Field Notes email newsletter.

The new Field Notes website design is a great improvement over their previous design. It is easier to get to the information you want and simpler to just explore the many variations of Field Notes notebooks.