Five Months with the Hobonichi Techo at The Gentleman Stationer

Joe Crace over at The Gentlemen Stationer takes a look at his use of the Hobonichi Techo so far this year.

It's a rare thing for me to stick with daily journaling for nearly five months, and what's kept me on track is the fact that the Hobonichi is not intimidating. There's a relatively small blank page for each day, and it doesn't take much effort to jot down a few things. If this product interests you at all, the barrier to entry is fairly low (even if you have to order from Japan), and there are so many potential uses for the book that it's worth a shot even if you're not a traditional "planner person."

My use of the Techo mirrors Joe's use quite a bit. I certainly don't use it much as a planner, but I do find myself using it every day.